Goodbye baby bunny

Today was Hercules last day. Your mum called me and I missed her call. She sent a message asking me to call her but she’d already called Léon and he’d told me. 

I don’t know the details, Léon said he’d had a stroke and his legs weren’t working properly and it was the right time to let him go. The 27th March, only a day before what would have been your 29th birthday. I hope there is somewhere after this life and that despite the sadness here, you two are happy together.

He was our baby for such a long time. I remember when you adopted him on Valentine’s Day 2009. Bringing him back to our share house. I remember us all naming him. I remember you graciously bequeathing me with the title of “Hercules Other Mum”. That was the day we became the St.Valentines. The three of us, our little made up family within the mess of real families and friendships and boyfriends. Of course we adopted more pets and generously named them all St. Valentines. But that was different, really, it was you and me and Hercules, the mini lop bunny.

I never in my life would have thought that only eight years later I would be the only one still here. I miss you so much and now I will forever miss him too.

Our little family that was.


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