Sometimes, I worry because I know that you were my soul mate. I wonder “what does it mean now that you are gone?”

I don’t know in what way I believe in soul mates, but if we all are part of a soul searching to be whole, it was you who completed me. I know without question that it was you who had the other part of me.

So is it right that I now have a husband? Whom I love so very deeply, and yet I know his soul, though precious and loved and glorious is not the missing part of mine? I don’t know. Perhaps the love of your life does not need to be your soulmate, I think maybe these roles are happy to be given to different people?

I do know my soul was completed when I found you and now you are gone you have not taken with you the part that was originally missing from me, but some other, somehow much larger part.

How can I love and feel and find happiness again not only without you, but with a depleted version of myself? With so much of myself missing?

On the subject of missing, I miss you.


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